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    1. 考试吧


      考试吧>报 检 员>复习指导>基础英语知识>正文
      考试吧 2018-02-11 10:03:02 评论(0)条

        表面状况良好 Apparently in Good Order& Condition

        包装不妥 Improper Packing 包装不固 Insufficiently Packed

        包装不良 Negligent Packing 包装残旧玷污 Packing Stained &Old

        箱遭水渍 Cartons Wet &Stained 外包装受水湿 With Outer Packing Wet

        包装形状改变 Shape of Packing Distorted 散包 Bales Off

        铁皮失落 Iron Straps Off 钉上 Nailed on

        尺寸不符 Off Size 袋子撕破 Bags Torn

        箱板破 Case Plank Broken Laminated with PE Wovenbag 25Kgs Net Eash

        三层牛皮纸袋内加一层塑料袋装,25公斤/包 Packed in 3-ply Kraft Paper Bags with PE Liner,25Kgs/bag

        牛皮纸袋内压聚乙烯膜包装,25公斤/包 Packed in Kraft Paper Iaminated with Polyethylene Film of 25Kgs Net Each

        装入印刷塑料袋 Packed in Printed Poly Bag

        玻璃纸包装 Wrapped in Cellophane

        两端加纸条 With a Paper Band at Both Ends 木箱装,***以螺栓固定于箱底,箱装完整

         Packed in Woodencase,the***was(were)Mounted with Bolts on the Bottom of the Case.Packing Intact.

        木箱装,箱装箱装运,箱装完好Packed in Woodencases with Container Shipment.Packing Sound.


        Packed in Plastic Woven Flexible Container,Lined with Plastic Film Bags,Shipped in Container,20Bags for Each.


         Packed in Iron Drums and Each DrumNet 190kgs


         Packed in Wooden Case with 2 Reels Inside and Each Reel Was Wrapped with Poly-Membrane and Kraf Paper.It was Bound with Iron Belts Externally.


         Packed in Wooden Case with 5 Reels Inside and Every Reel was Wrapped with Poly-Membrane and Neutral Paper.The Cases were Bound with Ironbelts Externally.

        筒装,纸箱装,箱外三道纺织袋捆扎,包装完好.Rolled on Tube and Packed with Carton.Bounded with Three Woven Belts Extermally.Packing Sound.


        Straightly Stand on Wooden Pallet and Wrapped with Fibre Borad,Plastic Membrane &Kraft Paper Board Bound with iron Belts Externally and Then Mounted in the Container with Iron Belt.

        布包包装,包装完好Packed in Gunny Bales.Packing Sound

        塑料纺织袋装,包装完好。Packed in P.P.Wovenbags Packing Sound.

        木箱装,箱装完整 Packed in Wooden Case.Packing Intact 纸箱装,箱装完好 Packed in Cartons Packing Sound


        Packed in Cartons on Pallet and Lined with Single Polymembrane Inside.Packing Sound.


        Packed imply Cartons,Lined with Kraft Paper and Bound with Four Plastic Belts Externally.Packing Sound.


         2Skgs Net Originally Manufactured Heavy Duty Polyethylene Bag.Shipped in Container.

        托盘装,包装良好。Packed on Pallets,Packing Sound.

        卷筒装,包装良好。Rolled on Tubes。Packing Sound.

        编织包包装,包装完好. Packed in wovenbales.Packing Sound.


         Packed in Wooden Case,for Specification 6.0mm×430mm,except One Case Packed with Three Reels.All were Packed with Eight Reels Respectively;for Specification 6.5mm×300mm, Every Case was Packed with Six Reels.The inner Reels were Wrapped with a Poly-mumbrane and Each Reel was wrapped with a Poly-membrane Again.


         Packed in 2 Ply Cartons,Lined with Kraft Paper and Bound with Four Plastic Belts Externally Packing Sound.

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